Mencap is the UK’s leading learning disability charity working with people with a learning disability and their families and carers. Mencap works collaboratively, fighting for equal rights, campaigning for greater opportunities and challenging attitudes and prejudice.

Mencap also provides help and support through supported living, supported employment, respite services, organised activities, systemic and individual advocacy, and outreach support.

After being announced as Mencap’s ambassador, the charity has released a humorous video to raise awareness of the issues people with a learning disability face, where the actor faced his toughest audition yet:

Kit has a cousin with a learning disability. His cousin Laurent has Down’s syndrome and is assisted by Mencap (he talked a lot about him in this Sunday Times interview). Read bellow, in Kit’s own words, why he supports Mencap:

My cousin Laurent is one of the 1.4 million people with a learning disability in the UK. Growing up with Laurent I know that people with a learning disability have the same hopes and dreams for their lives as all young people do.

However others are sometimes awkward and afraid when it comes to engaging with someone with a learning disability and that means they are often ignored and overlooked.

We need to change this and stop ignoring the talents and contributions that people with a learning disability can bring to our society. That’s why I was really keen to work with Mencap – and Ciara and Lloyd, who both have a learne to say when asked ing disability – to make this video which we hope will bring smiles to a few people’s faces.

Usually when you hear about learning disability in the media it’s the horrific impact of abuse scandals or the effects of Government social care cuts. That’s important, but it’s not everything – it’s not how I think about learning disability, or how I feel when I’m hanging out with Laurent, who is an important, positive and really funny member of my family. The media has a role to reflect society and help give people with a learning disability a platform to be heard.

Let’s show my cousin Laurent and Lloyd and Ciara and thousands of others that their lives are valued just as much as anyone else in society.

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