Emilia Clarke had to get Kit Harington tipsy before he’d admit the truth about Jon Snow

“I gave him a glass of wine and he told me everything!”​

When Jon Snow was ‘killed off’ on Game of Thrones, it wasn’t just the audience who were kept in the dark about the death of the fan-favourite character.

Emilia Clarke revealed to Digital Spy that she was utterly fooled by Kit Harington’s deception – and she had to slip him some booze to get him talking…

“I read the script and called Kit immediately,” the Mother of Dragons revealed. “He was like, ‘It’s real. It’s happening.’ And I was totally heartbroken.

“Then I went out to supper with Kit in January, and we had finished filming in December – but I said to him, ‘What did they get you as the wrap gift?’

“They are really good at wrap gifts on the show and Kit’s been in it forever, so obviously it’s going to be a really good one – but he just said to me, ‘Oh, no… They didn’t get me anything…’

“I went, ‘What now? They didn’t get you a wrap gift?’ And then I gave him a glass of wine and he told me everything!”

Source: Digital Spy

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